Online Reservation

Automate & Manage Your Reservations

Use Across the Street's Reservation Tool to manage your table reservation. We will provide a custom Interface for your customers to make reservations Anytime Anywhere using their Computers, iPad, Tabs or Mobile Phones.




 When your customers want to make a reservation, they will be able to check availability across all your locations, and choose one that is convenient for them.

 When one reserves/cancels, the system will be automatically updated.

 The system is enabled to set reminder email for the guests & party, when the reservations are made well in advance.




 You will be able to manage all your locations with ease.

 All the reservations/cancellations will be instantly updated for you to view with the click of a button.

 With all the statistics readily available to you, you will be in a position to make more informed business decisions based on the reservation trends for different days of the week, weekends, special occasions & festivities.


Businesses running our tool




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