Leverage Positive Feedback

Take advantage of Across the Street's Customer Feedback interface to attract more business. We will provide an easy-to-use, simple interface for your customers to rate your business and provide comments, suggestions & recommendations. A positive feedback will help potential customers to choose you over your competitors.




 A simple user interface to leave a comment, suggestion or a recommendation.A simple 0-to-5 rating system, where 5 is the maximum in customer satisfaction.

 Your overall customer rating will be calculated on the basis sum of all the ratings received, divided by the number of ratings received.




 The modern customer has the privilege to do some research before making a decision. When you have your ratings & feedback available online, you already are ahead of businesses that don't.

 Use your rating to edge past your competitors.

 You can plan your business decisions based on the kind of feedback you receive.

 It will help you to take corrective action in case of customer dissatisfaction, and find out improvement areas in serving your customers.

 In today's market, this exercise leads to a better business establishment that continuously tries to improve its services, keeping the focus on customer satisfaction.


Businesses leveraging feedback




Pasta Freska


Pasta Bella